Ember Terra-Cotta Diffuser

Reminiscent of a glowing ember, the diffuser’s namesake light ring joins the charcoal-gray clay cover and wood base. With its compact, space-saving design, this diffuser brings design-forward elegance and pure aromatherapy to your space.

The Ember’s cover is carefully crafted from natural terra-cotta clay, which we source from the Yunnan Province of China. Terra-cotta artisans mold this porous clay into its sleek design, refine the covers by hand, and carefully fire them. The base is constructed from a sustainable rubberwood cultivated in Thailand. This environmentally friendly wood is a true hardwood, known for its strong, flexible properties. Between these two natural materials is a luminous, glowing ring of light with eight different light options to help create the right mood with your favorite essential oil diffuser blends. The Ember’s sleek, natural design pairs with its versatile lighting and efficient diffusion to immediately elevate the ambiance of your home or office.


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