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In the rush of our daily routines, we often pass by mundane spaces like our lingerie drawer or linen closet without a second thought. Making something sweet-smelling for these nooks and crannies will produce a simple pleasure to greet you each time you open a drawer or cupboard in your home.

Create an essential oil-filled sachet to add the delicate scent of lavender in unexpected places. These pocket-sized pouches give a tiny dose of aromatherapy and freshen up any unpleasant-smelling areas.

• ½ cup uncooked rice
• ¼ cup Epsom salt
• 1 cup dried lavender buds
• Muslin cotton drawstring pouches, approximately 5 inches long by 4 inches wide
• 40 drops Lavender essential oil

1. In a medium bowl, mix rice, Epsom salt, flower buds, and essential oil to thoroughly scent the mixture.
2. Spoon mixture into your muslin pouch.
3. Place anywhere you want to add a fresh lavender scent.
4. Refresh your pouch every 2─3 weeks by opening it up and adding more drops of essential oil.

This recipe creates enough for two sachets.

Grab some Lavender essential oil for your sachet making:

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