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Soak up some self-care with DIY bath salts! This essential oil DIY is a simple way to make the everyday a little more elegant. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the aroma of your favorite essential oils!

Follow the instructions below to get started.

Citrus CBD Oil Bath Salts
• 1½ cups rock salt
• ½ cup Epsom salt
• ¼ cup calendula petals
• 2 full droppers Citrus CBD Oil
• 10 drops essential oil (We used Citrus Fresh™!)

Lavender Bath Salts
• 1½ cups rock salt
• ½ cup Epsom salt
• ¼ cup dried lavender buds
• 10–15 drops Lavender essential oil

1. Combine Epsom salt and rock salt in a bowl and stir until blended.
2. Add calendula petals or lavender buds, CBD, and essential oils.
3. Stir until everything is incorporated.
4. Divide into glass containers of your choice and store for up to 2–3 months in a cool, dry place.

To use: Fill your tub with hot water. While the tub is filling, pour the bath salts into the tub directly under the faucet. This gives them a chance to disperse through the tub. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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