Cultivate: Young Living Spring Launch 2021 New Essential Oils

Connect to your best self with the sweet, floral aroma of Blue Yarrow. Apply it to your chest before heading outside for a sunrise yoga session or combine it with your morning moisturizer for a boost of radiance. Close out the day by inhaling the inspiring aroma directly from the bottle during meditation.

Nothing soothes the soul like time spent in nature. But when the mountains are calling and you’re stuck inside, reach for the rooty, musky, sweet aroma of Rue essential oil. Pair it with Tranquil™ Roll-On and place a few drops on your wrists or rub it onto the soles of your feet as you unwind after a long day.

What’s spicy, earthy, and a total game changer? Canadian Fleabane. Versatile and vital, this oil takes you from morning to night with the powerful constituents limonene, cis-matricaria ester, and trans-alpha-bergamotene. Add it to your ART® skin care routine in the a.m. for a refreshing aroma, infuse it into Thieves® Household Cleaner as you tidy up, then combine it with V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex for an end-of-day massage.

What does your spring-cleaning checklist need? A spicy, sweet sidekick, of course. Diffuse Cassia’s warm, uplifting scent to rid your home of unwanted aromas or pair it with Thieves® Household Cleaner as you tackle dirt and grime. To invite spirituality and clarity, inhale it as you create a sense of peace and serenity.

Show off gorgeous, glowing skin with a no-makeup makeup look courtesy of Corsican Helichrysum. Extracted from a rare Mediterranean variety of helichrysum, this unique oil contains the powerful constituents neryl acetate and italicene to help you put your best face forward—naturally. Add 1–2 drops to your facial cleanser to naturally cleanse skin or combine it with Frankincense or Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood™ to pack in more skin care power.

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